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Conflict in Azerbaijan seems unlikely to escalate and is presenting a good opportunity to buy shares in Anglo Asian Mining

Unexpected negative events, especially geo-political ones, can present great buying opportunities at times, as the market tends to severely over-react, even when there is no immediate specific impact on a company itself. 

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Professor Stacey's Famous Easter Lecture. Should a Christian Trade Shares?

Hello Share Mashers. Yonks ago I bought a book telling how a Christian could still trade shares. A bit of an insult, I thought, as that implies the two disciplines are incompatible.  But I soon realised that some investors go against Christian principals. Here’s how Christians might conduct their share activity.

Four Nuclear Missiles, Big Threats and the Impact on Your Shares

Hello Share Crunchers. We have a little saying in our family. ‘There’s always something…’ Meaning, however well things seem to be going, there is invariably a major snag to  contend with. 

MySQUAR: Isn’t there a massive conflict of interest, Beaufort?

I wrote about MySQUAR (MYSQ) at the start of the year (HERE) in part because I thought the share price was only going one way and nothing in the many announcements since including yesterday’s result have changed my stance; however, I did want to raise what I believe to be a massive conflict of interest involving its joint-broker, Beaufort Securities, and its lender, Sandabel Capital.


Eurasia Mining – Shocking loan deal: worse than Wonga

I’ve been following the antics of Sanderson Capital Partners for a while now and yesterday’s latest shocking funding deal with Eurasia Mining (EUA) has tipped me over the edge and forced me to write.


Falcon Acquisitions – brilliant news, an RTO….but how did you find such an opportunity?

Hallelujah! Only six months after admission, the Sub-Standard Shocker XI stalwart, Falcon Acquisitions (FAL) yesterday announced a potential RTO of the exciting OTT business, Quiptel Hong Kong Limited. Months of looking and it was under its nose the whole time!

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