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Plutus Powergen: it gets worse: shock boardroom bust up but no insider dealing, of course!

On Friday 18th October shares in Plutus Powergen (PPG) started to tank. By pure coincidence, we discovered today that its only credible director who had industry expertise, the Chief Operating Officer Paul Lazarevic, quit by email. Nothing to see there officer, no insider dealing as this is the AIM casino, this is all just a strange coincidence no need to check out the share trades, move along swiftly please.

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Breaking News: Dealing in units in Neil Woodford's flagship fund suspended until further notice

You cannot say that this website did not warn you so many times. Our coverage of Neil Woodford over the past two years has been streets ahead of the game - as you can see HERE - and now the drama has become a crisis. Dealing in units in Neil Woodford's flagship Equity Income has been suspended 'with immediate effect and until further notice' after a spike in redemptions. We told you there was a liquidity crisis. We told you the FCA was on the case. As I called him out at his AGM, Neil Woodford accused me - by name - of publishing fake news. Sir, I am owed an apology.. So are your poor investors.

Optimal Payments – Time for More Equities First Clarifications

With IGas (IGAS) seemingly having to issue re-clarifications every few days (and there will be more I fancy…) we turn once again to Optimal payments (OPAY_. We have already forced out two clarifications (after hours Fri 15 Nov and pre-market Mon 17 Nov buried in a trading statement). It is striking that of the six plcs caught up in the EFH scandal, three have come fairly clean – notably Angle (AGL), but Cloudbuy (CBUY) and Quindell (QPP) have revealed much. IQE (IQE) has been fairly forthcoming too. And then there are IGAS and Optimal, who are having information dragged out of them only with the greatest of reluctance. For those two companies, our rope – like their shareholders – is long and strong.

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