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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The Hitpiece NFT heist, the madness moves up another level

I start with Hitpiece  – the latest NFT scam. Aren’t all NFT’s scams? I discuss the ephemeral nature of contemporary music as an asset class. Then onto Amigo (AMGO) where – with the shares surging – it is surely ‘a mega’ short. Then it is onto regulatory and ethical failure at Braveheart (BRH) and Chamberlin (CMH), the common links being the scumbag Trevor Brown and the scallywags at Peterhouse Capital. Then on to more regulatory failure at Chill Brands (FRAUD) before I take along look at UK SPAC (SPC) and all who sail in her. Finally a few words on Optibiotix (OPTI) where I plan to catch up with Steve O’Hara later today.

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Have you lost Money on the Appbox Media and One True View £35m cons - contacting the FCA as new facebook group goes live

The first time I contacted the FCA about these two boiler room scams was in November 2019. Natch the woke dullards were too busy jerking off on ESG porn to do anything and now about £35 million has been stolen. My coverage has been extensive as you can see HERE. But now it really is time that the FCA did something and put these frauds to the sword if only so that those who invested under EIS can get some of their cash back.


The Anatomy of CryptoCurrency Scams (tweaked)

I am not sure where this first apperared but thanks to the reader who emailed it over. I have tweaked it to remove the name of a famour journalist as I can live without another lawyers' letter. But the core message stands about botcoin and all the other crypto bubbles is fair. Enjoy.


Notes from Underground - Spare a thought for the poor global shorting conspiracy

When we changed to reader-supported journalism three weeks ago, I stopped reporting the weekly page views because common sense says that page views would drop precipitously. Of course, since we no longer rely on advertising, the page views are no longer of importance. 


Jim Slater’s Two AIM share tips

Jim Slater, father of UK Investor Show speaker Mark, is the controversial fellow who created the PEG (Price Earnings Growth) method of investment analysis. Using PEG analysis e has today served up two AIM listed stocks he reckons as buys in today’s Daily Telegraph. One of the, as it happens, is a stock Steve Moore and I have tipped on our Nifty Fifty website.

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