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If Umuthi thought Richard Jennings was is the First Gazette! Tough luck fascist bastard lawyers Memery Crystal

…retractions and cash And then there was the fraud African Potash where the same thing happened.  Memery …

Roger Lawson on Deloitte’s Autonomy failings – the old boy is starting to get it

…not: I was cross. Shareholders in Block (formerly African Potash) have only themselves to blame. Time and time …

Ouzo for Tom Winnifrith: Aquis Regulator acts on his specific complaint, fines Block Commodities run by Lyin' Chris Cleverly

…in his POS company Block Commodities, formerly African Potash. Better still, Aquis acted on a specific letter … despite our warnings! You may remember that, as African Potash (AFPO), this company threatened to sue me, c/o … date, not ended well for those who are so rash. African Potash soon found its Nomad quitting, its PR quitting, …

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: it really is time for start firing useless Nomads & Corporate advisors

…and adviser failings harking back to those at African Potash (AFPO) and suggesting why it is vital that, now, …

Lyin’ Chris Cleverley AGAIN shows that on the joke NEX Lobster Pot, lying and NOT sticking to the rules just does not matter

…Block Commodities (BLCC), formerly African Potash (AFPO) until it was slung off AIM after I proved … of lying and fraud when the company was called African Potash is HERE How Nex lets this insolvent old fraud …

Letter to NEX Regulation & the FCA: Time to delist Block Commodities for 3 lies and strike off its enabler Alexander David Securities

…Securities.  Under its previous name of African Potash (AFPO) the company issued RNS statements that …

EXPOSE: Lyin Chris Cleverley, the fraudster cousin of Tory party chairman James, caught Lying (monstrously) again – why is he being protected?

…demonstrated numerous times with articles such as African Potash (AFPO), No No No you are lying bastards and … African Potash - now let's look at the lies in the RNS 6 days … bailout placing in January, that then AIM listed African Potash run by Lyin’ Chris and Labour peer Lord …

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the critical conflicts of interest that doom AIM to fail

…Resource Solutions (MRS), Daniel Stewart (DAN), African Potash (AFPO), Arden Partners, Paul Shackleton, Naibu …

Insolvency or massive dilution looks the most likely outcome for Block Commodities ( formerly the African Potash fraud)

…that this company was formerly known as African Potash (AFPO), which was going to revolutionise farming … be an easy task – if we go back to the African Potash days, they were unable to even get fertiliser to …

Notes from Underground - Have you ever seen George Soros and Tom Winnifrith in the same room?

…AIM - Class Action against Cantor Fitzgerald re African Potash fraud fails to get off the ground The …
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