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The crazy world of censorship at the LSE Asylum

By Tom Winnifrith | Wednesday 15 June 2022


You are all too smart to visit this holding tank for morons, a place for the detritus of the investment community: folks with no moral compass and an average IQ of a cheese sandwich. A reader alerts me to recent changes.

If you now type in the word ShareProphets, it comes up as xxxxxxxxxxxx. I.e this one website is singled out, in order not to receive publicity for its work. A reader quizzed LSE about this and was told:

As most, if not all Shareprophets articles require registration or payment to read, it was blocked from the website some time ago now. The owner of the website wasn't keen on their paywall content being posted on London South East.


You are right, LSE. I do object to copyright breaches, as that is theft; as a responsible publisher, you should understand that. To say that I am “not keen” suggests you are far from responsible, which is why you take no action at all against those who do breach copyright on your appalling website.

I made that point to the LSE, and was told:

Your website was blocked many years ago now, I'd say at least 5 years or more, as it required registration to read any articles and as such, we wouldn't allow links to external websites that require registration to read content.

That is not quite the same as preventing usage of the S word, though. Does the asylum block links to The Times or the Telegraph? Does it ban you from posting a deranged comment including the words “Daily Telegraph?”

The reality? The LSE is full of copyright theft; its owners take no action against those who are, in effect, stealing from this website and others. No journalist ever objects to their work appearing. But, to pander to fraud-loving morons who use the Asylum, its owners have decided to block such links (from this website), even erasing any mention of this website at all.

Net result: fewer folks are alerted to frauds. It seems it is not only the readers of the LSE Asylum who have no moral compass.


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