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The ShareProphets Sunday Pub Quiz #142

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and test your knowledge against the other ShareProphets members. Write your score in the comments, there are no prizes, and most important of all – no Googling!

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Sunday Long Reads: Missing Treasure Hunters, Lehman Bros. Finale, Who owned Einstein's Face?, Tokyo Coke, Invisible Cloaks

Here are five long reads that have nothing to do with shares. Put the kettle on, find a comfy chair. You have the time, don’t you? 

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Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending 21 May 2022

These are the most-read articles and most listened-to Bearcasts of the week. The most read non-Tom article is How is Rolls-Royce getting on? by Chris Bailey at a non-leaderboard Number 12 or Number 18 if you include Bearcasts.


Zytronic – interims, well positioned for recovery: BUY

Touch sensors manufacturer Zytronic (ZYT) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st March 2022 and that, whilst there are headwinds, it “remains well positioned to progress in its recovery, particularly now as the global sales and marketing activities resume”.

Seed Innovations – investee company updates and still other IPO potential: BUY

Seed Innovations (SEED) is pleased to note company in which it holds 7,324,796 shares Little Green Pharma (ASX:LGP) has announced its “largest single-strain offtake quantity contract to date, with a minimum take or pay commitment of $7.5 million over 30 months”, with this following company in which it holds 4,427,609 shares Yooma Wellness (CSE & AQSE - YOOM) announcing its “fourth quarter saw revenue of US$5.3 million, exceeding previous forecasts”.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: UK Investor & harassed by a herd of cows leaving me in utter agony

I was not at the show but I have had feedback. What were your take aways from Vin Murria, Adam Reynolds, Nigel Wray et al? Please do post in the comments section below. Instead I was on a 23 mile walk. I report on the good news  and also that thanks to a herd of cows I am tonight in complete agony. You might think that is the good news! Photos tomorrow as bed beckons. Think of my complete pain and if you are among the 95% of listeners yet to donate please do so HERE

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The Shares You should Choose and the Ones You Might Want to Shun

Hello Share Placers. Now that folks seem to take Covid in their stride, with few bothering to wear masks any more, you might think the best sectors in which to buy shares stay unchanged. But that’s not the case. Some companies face better prospects post pandemic and some risk a bleaker outlook.


Strip Tinning – director share purchase doesn’t inspire recovery confidence...

Previously writing on supplier of specialist connectors to the automotive sector Strip Tinning Holdings (STG), earlier this week I noted the shares down to 115p from a 185p AIM IPO little over three months earlier after a trading warning, though the company stating “great care is being taken to ensure that overheads are reduced where appropriate in line with lower than budgeted sales… in addition, the company is currently putting through a number of price rises across its product range”. And now a director share purchase. Good news?...


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: slagging me off in an interview won't land you a job

Tomorrow's training walk really will start at 4.30 AM. I promise. If you are among the naughty 95% yet to donate, please do so HERE. After that, there is more work on the Ha-Ha, ahead of a new idea which I will announce next week. I start with how NOT to get a job, when I was the one who got you an interview! I end with why this year, it will be I, not Malcolm, who calls the housebuilders right. In between, I discuss a share my SIPP bought yesterday; the fund and games with VinMurria at M&C Saatchi (SAA); Cellular Goods (CBX); and THG (THG)

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DeepMatter – contract announcements, attempted ramptastic?...

‘Digital chemistry data and software’ group DeepMatter (DMTR) states that it is “delighted” to be working with Springer Nature to provide the “leading global research publisher” with products and services making sharing research data faster, easier and more impactful. So what of a current more than 4% higher share price response to 0.12p?...

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DeepMatter – contract announcements, attempted ramptastic?...
Strip Tinning – director share purchase doesn’t inspire recovery confidence...
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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: slagging me off in an interview won't land you a job


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Eurasia Mining- if its new director is independent (as claimed) I am a banana
Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - who'd have guessed that David Beckham was not a stock picker?
If you’d like to rent the Greek hovel this year…


BT Finds a New Bed-Mate for Sport and the Future Rings Brighter
Burberry – don’t expect me to buy any of its 2022-23 ranges…but I still think the shares are cheap
Strip Tinning – trading warning little over three months since listing!, AIM IPO roll-call of shame...
Congratulations to Vast Resources - a hat trick of spoofs since May 3!
Wishbone Gold – drilling set to commence, ramping already has
Argo Blockchain – Q1 numbers an attempted distraction from the current emergency
From corporate piss artist to legendary actual artist - the fall and rise of Clem Chambers in pictures
Jubilee Metals – expansion delivery, financial delivery to follow...
Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Special Agent Dick Barton fecks it up


If There’s a Rush Back to the Smoke this Expanding Property King Should See its Shares Build
Victorian Plumbing – interims, but I thought the June last year IPO was ‘an exciting next step on the growth journey’?...
Accrol – ‘successfully navigating inflationary pressures and well positioned’. Really?...
Catenae Innovation: only a partial ‘fess up: the future looks bleak
Imperial Brands continues to offer tobacco investing fun (even for a non-smoker)
Lucian Miers: Amigo the simplest UK slam dunk short, target price 2p ( now 6.35p)
Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - a Google search for buy furniture online
Eurasia – suspension lifted, an insane twist but what did the Nomad REALLY say to the moron?
David Lenigas - yet another apology
Eurasia Mining suspended - here is a new theory as to why


Cleaner Power Giant Powers On and Could Further Electrify its Share Price
Kromek – is “foreseeable future” this time longer than three and a half months?...
I am still more focused on a “hotly-debated Vegan Sausage Roll” than Greggs shares
UPDATED: Vast Resources repays 1 death spiral but buries news that it is taking out another death spiral – another spoof! And then Atlas weighs in - pure comedy
SHOCKING: – another disastrous 2021 IPO unravels – is anybody on the board not resigning?
Julie Meyer bashes the Queen, creates North Anglesey & abuses the Welsh, say she is infested with frogs (the French) - her most insane email yet: follow the ouzo
Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: is it game over for Petropavlovsk?
Crypto is not a ponzi - everything explained in one tweet
Eurasia Mining shares suspended - place your bets on why!


Sunday Long Reads: Creed Bratton’s Story, AirBnB’s Horrible Story Team, Online Advertising, Prepper Convention, Break-in Artist
TClarke – strong AGM trading update and outlook, Buy
The ShareProphets Sunday Pub Quiz #141
Kefi Gold and Copper – progress in Ethiopia “on track". Buy.
How is Rolls-Royce getting on?
More barking-mad spam from Julie "Lingerie on Expenses" Meyer, as she continues to flee justice and a 6 month jail term
Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: okay, I lied!