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Allan Biggar leaves the Circle of Trust at Jericho but when will the Worthington walls collapse

By Tom Winnifrith | Sunday 17 April 2016

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Until recently, dodgy Allan Biggar who is currently bankrolling Greenland Mining as a way of reversing Worthington into bankrupt Nuna, has been the respectable face of Worthington (WRN) - its all relative thanks to his membership of Jericho Chambers.

Natch, Biggar's CV is not exactly unblemished - see HERE. But yet he was until recently a partner - along with some really credibly folks - at Business advisory group Jericho which states:

We help companies and organisations change the way their worlds work and the way they relate to the world. We are expert professionals - independent-minded, at the top of our game, confident in our radicalism and determined to do the right thing.

We are progressive thinkers who believe that the bigger prize lies in collaboration, not competition. We believe in accountability alongside impact. Our business philosophy is simple - no bullshit and no bureaucracy. Just great advice and a journey shared.

Hmmmm. Whatever. Suddenly, hat tip to a reader here, last month Biggar ceased to be a partner and his name has been erased from the website. Oddly Worthington remains down as a client but I sense that is an oversight and it wont be there for long. Any guesses why Jericho and Biggar are no longer associated?

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  1. turbograndad

    YES because they are all full of shit, and they are all suffering from constipation, from verbal diarrhea..

  2. Please correct your spelling Tom Winnifrith. ALLAN vs ALAN.

    Retired company Director ALAN Gordon Biggar, formerly of Brewin Dolphin, is a patron of the Teenage Cancer Trust. A generous, charitable, slim retired gentleman who drives a vintage Morgan sports car raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for TCT with no interest in any commercial ventures.


    ALLAN Ramsay Biggar of Worthington Group PLC and Greenland Mining Management Ltd appears from this website to be an overweight, selfish individual with a dubious track record of business failure and debts and a number of dodgy associates!

    In anticipation of you making corrections and/or publishing this comment or a clarification, thank you.

  3. Worthingtonian

    What a load of cobblers ‘Double L’ talks. Oh wait, apparently he’s a Liberal. Enough said.



    A Quick Drink With… Allan Biggar
    by George Pitcher.
    What do you think of the advertising business, Allan?

    I think creative agencies and their clients work very hard, but they’re deluding each other most of the time.

    So you think advertising is a waste of money?

    When he ran Unilever, Niall Fitzgerald famously used to say that he knew half his adverising spend was wasted, he just didn’t know which half…

    That was Lord Leverhulme actually…

    Whatever. Don’t be a pedant. The point is not much has changed, despite sophisticated tracking and marketing innovations on and offline.

    Who’s to blame then? Clients or agents?

    Both, I reckon. They’re not honest with each other. Or with themselves. A mate told me the other day of a mega-client hiring a big ad agency, who worked their way through several hundred thousand pounds recently with acres of account handlers and more vice-presidents of this and that from the client that you could wave a memory stick at – and they came up with something quite rubbish, but the CEO still happily said “Thank God we had them on board”.

    That sounds like a pretty spivvy agency to me…

    Management consultancies are just as bad. I saw the work of one recently, which had been hired to do a restructuring at a relatively small plc. Half a million pounds later and they came up with a report, 80 per cent of which I swear was culled from the internet. I’m not exaggerating – literally whole lumps cut-and-pasted from others with no value added at all.

    The client must have been furious.

    Actually, they said they were delighted. They’d hired a great firm and apparently eveything was right with the world.

    Stupid client too then. What’s to be done?

    Clients should look behind the big brand-name advisers at what they’re actually buying. And the big consultancies need to be called out on whether they’re selling anything valuable or just cranking up billable hours to pay for the expensive machinery they’ve become.

    Your advice to clients and agents in a sentence?

    Stop living in mutual delusion, stop spending probably literally billions of dollars globally on something of at least questionable value.

    Okay. You started your career in politics with the Liberal Party. Who’s going to win the next General Election?



    Bad news for everyone – especially Cameron, Clegg, Milliband and Farage. They’re all screwed. That’s not to say that one of them won’t win a working majority and be Prime Minister. But, guys, you won’t “win”.

    Why the “air-quotes”?

    Because the “winner” will be the last man standing – and it will be a man – after an election at which few will vote and he’ll just be the least bad choice. Okay for him, I suppose – he’ll still get the house, the title and the security detail.

    But if no one wins, who loses?

    We do. The voters lose. What a choice. In fact no choice at all.

    Is that a Hobson’s Choice?

    It’s certainly an unenviable choice. How did it come to this in a world of social media and mass public action?

    Perhaps the political system is bust?

    We’ve heard that before and nothing has happened – see the SDP, the Orpington by-election et al. But it really is bust. We live in an undemocratic country, in that our political system doesn’t offer choice, at least not one we can vote for positively.

    Is it time for a revolution?

    Or maybe a Very British Coup, where we the public take over. Abolish party politics and give people real choice. Political parties come from an age before social media. Views aren’t aligned today into social categories – give people real choice and we might get the government we want.

    Will that happen?

    Probably not, because the turkeys in Parliament won’t vote for Christmas. But it may come quicker than we think when an issue captures the imagination of the public and our government is unable to deal with it. The fuel protests of a decade ago nearly did, but since then a lot has evolved online. Today it could be anything. My guess is that it could be something around healthcare.

    So your message to politicians is what?

    Watch out, guys. Enjoy the limos while you can.

    Those’ll be the limos we pay for?


    Allan Biggar was talking to George Pitcher, Chairman of Jericho Chambers, over a glass of mineral water with a hint of elderflower cordial at the Ivy Club.


    I wonder if he’ll be able to get “a glass of mineral water with a hint of elderflower cordial” in Wandsworth?

  4. Bullshit Biggar was described as a Senior Advisor – Communications, on the Chescor Capital website from Dec 2014 then terminated Feb 2016:

    The Biggar Bullshit caught up with the liar and fraud – seeing him fired and erased from the Chescor website Feb 2016. Wonder why? Same reason that he’s been booted out of Jericho Chambers and the other appointments he blagged and bullshitted his way to over the past couple of years.

    Cached Biggar bullshit can be found here and copied below:

    Allan R. Biggar (Senior Advisor – Communication)

    Allan has acquired an in-depth knowledge of reputation management and communication in the commercial and political worlds spanning more than two decades.

    Beginning his career as a political campaigner, Allan has managed and served as strategic adviser to politicians, political campaigns and issues-specific assignments at a senior level in Europe and the Middle East. After joining Burson-Marsteller, the world’s leading public relations consultancy in the mid 1990s, he served as head of their Middle East operations, went on to head Burson-Marsteller’s Brussels office and European Public Affairs businesses, then on to a distinguished career as CEO of Burson-Marsteller’s flagship London office and subsequently as CEO of Burson-Marsteller Europe. He stepped down as Global Chairman of the Corporate and Financial Practice, as a member of the worldwide Board of Directors and as Chairman of Burson-Marsteller UK in 2005.

    In addition to his public affairs activities, Allan led and managed brand building and reputation management engagements for many of the world’s major brands including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Dow Chemicals, Shell and Visa International. He led the award winning communication team promoting the Dolphin gas pipeline initiative on behalf of the UAE Offset Group. Working with the government of Kuwait during the first Gulf war, Allan led the campaign to highlight the tragic issue of Kuwaiti nationals who were thought to be held by Iraq. He also masterminded the USAID communication programme under the Partnership In Development initiative which aimed to kick start Egypt’s privatisation programme.

    He is the founding CEO of International Insights, a strategic communication consultancy with wholly-owned offices in Brussels, Washington and Central Europe. He is also Chairman of Brand Faith, a design-based branding consultancy, the CEO of ALL ABOUT BRANDS plc, a newly founded media holding company, a non-executive Director of CTN (Corporate Television Networks) and of the BADR Group with interests in investment banking, construction and financial services.

    Allan broadcasts and writes regularly on CEO issues, branding and public affairs. He is Chairman of the Manchester Business School Corporate Communications department – the only post-graduate facility for Corporate Communications in Europe. He is also a pro-bono communications advisor to the European Commission and founder of the European Communications Academy, offering strategic communications training to senior EU government officials.

    The cleaned-up, fraudster free Chescor website ‘our team’ pages can be found here:

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