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BREAKING: Oh Dear, another legal case set to be launched next week against Julie Meyer

By Tom Winnifrith | Friday 11 May 2018


Seemingly not content with three lawsuits and sets of criminal charges against her in Malta, Julie Meyer can now expect a fourth to add to Henry Gewanter's case against her in the UK.

She now faces not only the prospect of being reported - yet again - to the Malta Financial Supervisory Authority - MSFA - but also facing civil and criminal charges for alleged fraudulent misrepresentation of the Ariadne Group Capital Limited investment proposition.

The plaintiffs in this case, who are known to me outside of Ariadne and have a high standing in the London business Community, were persuaded to invest in Julie's Maltese enterprise but while they were handing over hard cash, Ms Meyer was busy putting one of the Group’s assets into administration and at the same time failing to disclose all the Maltese lawsuits against her.

Other former Ariadne employees in UK and Malta are likely to be swept up in the action unless, they decide that the NDA's the devout Christian forces them to sign are worthless, and decide to co-operate.

The Plaintiff's were set to have a mediation meeting with Meyer last week but “Praise The Lord” failed to appear, just as she has failed to appear to face criminal charges in Malta.

Thus the London based plaintiffs will be travelling to Malta in the next few days to commence formal proceedings in the Courts there and this will be followed by a trip to Croatia – not for a sailing holiday either but to have a chat with HANFA, the equivalent of the FCA in Tito's old stomping ground.

What’s the betting that the “Follow The Entrepreneur Summit” in Dubrovnik in October never gets off the ground? Already, given her evasion of criminal charges the stink over the missing cash at Ariadne Capital and other matters, a number of her claimed speakers have dropped out and others will surely follow.

When asked why he thought he had any chance of squeezing a cent out of the Ms. Meyer – whose finances will come under further scrutiny next week following the receipt of new emails at the winnileaks service - one of the plaintiffs quoted partly from Sartre: “Il se trouve à Genève. Les jeux sont faits”. Roughly translated, that means “Follow the money to Ariadne’s Swiss Bank, but for Ms. Meyer, the chips are down!”

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