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More non GDPR compliant spam from Julie Meyer - You have to be freaking cleverer than God to understand it

By Tom Winnifrith | Thursday 7 June 2018


As we know Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer reckons she is "freaking cleverer than God" and proves this almost daily by sending out wholly non GDPR spam which is so complex that folks like me just don't understand a word of it. Taking time off from evading the Maltese Police, who seek her on criminal charges, and the IRS and HMRC to whom she owes money and has lied to, as well as numerous banks and other creditors, Meyer has sent another missive. Can anyone explain any of the gibberish below:

"It's no longer about becoming the most profitable company in your industry, but driving the profitability of your industry. That requires a dose of superhuman leadership to achieve because it means shifting your business fundamentally into a different way of operating. That requires breaking into your own house as you probably know where the door lock is faulty, the window doesn't close well, etc. What most executives are focusing on today is disruption, and digital disruption. But those out ahead are turning the disrupters into enablers. 

The Leaders of businesses which are winning will understand how to organize these shifts by first internalizing the Digital Playbook. They will create new incentives for people which align them to the Digital Playbook.

The Figure Eight Model of Sustainable Change is critical whereby whatever project needs to be undergone has a team that undergoes the investment into the project to bring it about, ensuring that the team benefits from the project's impact in the Return on Investment Phase.

Feminine Leadership is embraced whereby Bottom Up / GrassRoots teams naturally overtake Top Down structures. People want to architect their own futures; the trick of feminine leadership is to grant autonomy where alignment to the over-arching goals has been checked. 

What will my life be about? What is my Unique Contribution to this world? How can I grow the camembert instead of living in a Tragedy of the Commons existence?

I was fortunate that I grew up in a home where I knew I was deeply loved. My mother is love personified. When you are loved, you have a natural advantage there is no question. I am also fortunate that as an American, I am free in the brain to create. As a Christian, I am forgiven. As an athlete, I became competitive with myself. As an entrepreneur, I am obsessed, and I have to create trust so that great things can happen.

As an introvert, I have a huge desire to spend huge amounts of time on my own. As a Humanities major, I see connections. As a CEO, I have to ensure the show goes on. As a woman, I understand influence more than control. Sharing who we are gives us our ability to lead. 

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