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Julie Meyer is ‘avin’ a giraffe: reports Tom Winnifrith to Police tells lies in her post fact facts

By Tom Winnifrith | Friday 17 August 2018


To give her credit, Ms Lingerie on Expenses is still fighting and has published a new post on the Ariadne website “the facts”. Even in the post fact era she is ‘avin’ a Turkish. It is, as you can see below, laughable.

Meyer claims that all the nasty things written about her are penned by those driven by misogyny and jealousy. Hmmm, I am not wanted on criminal charges in Malta; NOT lying to the IRS but fessing that I cannot pay vast amounts of unpaid tax in the US and UK because I have sod all income and minimal assets; not facing disqualification as a director in the UK after the collapse of my flagship company, not being pursued in two countries by numerous unpaid staff, suppliers, my landlord and the taxman. Yup I am really jealous of you Julie.

Laughably she accuses her critics of engaging in “illegal and criminal” activities and says they have been reported to police in Malta and Britain. Those would be the same Maltese Police under Court Orders to track down Meyer and bring her before a judge to face Criminal Charges?  I somehow think she did not make that complaint in person and that the Maltese Old Bill did not take it very seriously.

As for the British Police please can Julie say where her critics have been reported? Both myself and the other leading critic, whistleblower John Galt will happily turn ourselves in as we know this is shear nonsense. While we are there we have many other matters to discuss. Folks who I have exposed in the past who reported me to the fuzz for harassment have been told to stop wasting Police time as you can see HERE and HERE. Julie please let me know who to call and you will soon be my hat-trick.

Julie claims never to have been stripped of a regulatory license but to have relinquished them. That’s not really an accurate reflection of what happened either. Ariadne Capital Limited lost its UK license when it went into administration (despite claiming to have net assets of millions of pounds). In Malta Julie “surrendered her license” after the MFSA suspended it citing numerous irregularities and when she was on notice that it was about to be withdrawn.

Julie says that claims that Ariadne in Malta is bust and that she is bankrupt or in distress are false. Fine, no-one has made claims of bankruptcy. But Julie herself has told the IRS and HMRC that she has minimal assets and sod all income and we know she has huge liabilities so she is not exactly Croesus. If she is not in distress then perhaps she might start to settle the tax bills. I have passed on the good news that she is solvent to the HMRC and IRS who will, I am sure, be delighted to hear this and keen to receive the large sums they are owed.

As for Ariadne Malta she claims that it has net assets of 5.2 million Euro. But after the Ariadne London claimed assets of c£7 million were shown to be worth exactly NIL by the administrator one might be excused some scepticism especially given its refusal to pay large sums to former staff, suppliers and indeed the Maltese tax authorities. Julie: if Ariadne is so flush why not pay those bills to clear the current, and looming, criminal charges caused by your non payment?

It goes on. She blames poor Amit Pau for the demise of Ariadne London. But Companies House shows he was never a director, the sole director was Julie Meyer MBE and she had full control of all financial matters.

And she says Ariadne London only went bust because Amit, a friend on mine I am proud to declare, demanded he be paid large (unpaid) wages. Again that is not really true is it? Ariadne was already facing a winding up order from one of the 18 firms of lawyers to whom the firm has failed to pay over the years. And as the administrators report makes clear Ariadne had zero cash, its claimed assets were worthless and faced multi million pound liabilities it just could not meet.

It goes on and on… Julie fools no-one with this nonsense, my worry for her is that she might actually believe it herself.

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