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The Battle for free speech – let’s get Tom Winnifrith the badger killer sent to jail

By Tom Winnifrith | Sunday 7 February 2021


The battle for free speech is hotting up. I have just published a piece HERE on attempts to shut down a new TV channel before it goes on air because its founders are not part of the woke establishment. Meanwhile, a few days ago I expressed my hatred for the badgers living at the Welsh Hovel here. Mistakenly, I also outlined a plan to get rid of them which I now understand is against the law. Suddenly, on certain bulletin boards and on Twitter, badgers are seen as the nation’s favourite animal and I am off to jail.

Folks who live in towns often have a sentimental and wholly misguided view about country wildlife. There is little foxy woxy, a cute critter with a gorgeous red coat. Ooooh I could almost adopt one says Hermione from Islington.  Out here foxes are the vermin who kill our chickens and cats and turn over the rubbish bins. They are vile scum.

As for badgers, well, Hermione wants one too. We know they terrify the cats and dig up the graves in the churchyard at the edge of my upper field. We know that they dig up the lawns of all of my neighbours as they search for earthworms and will also eat their flowers and my strawberries. While Hermione and other townies as well as former Welsh Leader Ron Davies are keen badger admirers, out here in the boonies we know that they too are vermin, pests we could do without.

Unfortunately, the townies have it and so as the law stands, it is illegal to kill a badger or even to brick up its sett. And thus, I shall just have to hope that as they traipse across the drive to the Welsh Hovel to dig up the garden of my neighbour as well as my own, someone runs them over by accident.

However, as you can see below, my plans if not actions have delighted some. This is from the ADVFN Asylum

londoninvestor206 Feb ’21 – 06:59 – 5218 of 5228            

I think I have found a regulatory body that will be interested in Tom Winnifrith’s articles, few and far between I hear. His latest post on his website titled

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel – Fruit harvest plans 2021, starting with the strawberries & bad news for Ron Davies (soon to deleted I expect)

Includes the following:-

At the same time the trees behind will be cut back to maximise sunlight and then there are the 3 entrances to badger sets which are in the area. 

Do not tell the RSPCA or former Welsh Labour leader Ron Davies, who was a great badger fancier and hence used to head off into the bushes on deserted country roads, but I do have to put my surplus bricks and concrete somewhere. One entrance at a time will be shut down because the damage these loathsome creatures cause to my lawns and the strawberries is just not on.

I am sure the RSPCA will be interested in reading this and imagine if it went viral on social media that a UK financial journalist was writing such things. Would be a shame if this was highlighted by his friends! I think it was lawyer Jolyon Maugham who found out the interest the media and twitter had in discussions about animal welfare.


Natch, the article stays up here.

Natch I shall not break a single one of the UK’s moronic badger laws much to the annoyance of my neighbours who all appear to be confirmed badger haters and who would have been egging me on.

Some have already reported me via Twitter so keen are they to see me jailed. A newly set up account NewshoundUK1 has already reported me for breaching the Badger laws to, inter alia: the RSPCA, Green MP Caroline Lucas and the Badger Trust.  According to this troll, I am the UK’s “most infamous financial journalist” and he has also alerted sleazy Neill Ricketts of Versarien and SupplyME Capital to my article so that they too can join Ron Davies in the bushes as badger fans.

This is, of course, not about badgers. It is about folks who do not like what a journalist writes about companies which are frauds and which lie but which they own shares in. Such folks cannot shut me up with legal threats for what I have written is not libel, it is all backed by fact. So, instead, they resort to trolling, harassment and direct death threats for me and my family. This is about standing up to the bullies who cannot abide free speech.

This article appears outside the paywall so that the trolls might realise just how pathetic they are. These folks are nearly all male. What, gents, do you think your wife would think if they knew how you harassed my family and me? If you support free speech and investigative journalism, whatever your views on foxy woxy and Mr Badger, and are not a subscriber to this website I hope you will support us by joining HERE

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