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Snake Oil Salesman & Charlatan Darren Winters thrashed in Court again by The Sheriff's foxy legals

By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM | Monday 11 April 2016


Oh happy days, oh happy days! Darren Winters the snake oil salesman who cons punters out of tens of thousands of pounds for his worthless stockmarket Win Investing courses has suffered another courtroom thrashing at the hands of the foxy legals, the lawyers who work with the Sheriff of AIM in tackling white collar villains. The foxy's remain undefeated in the Sheriff's wars, Winters is again shown for the scumbag he is - the case ( again) is Miss L.

Winters tried to extract almost £10,000 from Miss L and treatened her with a fascist lawyers letter. The foxies responded and counterclaimed for monies that the Charlatan and his Wealth Training Company had extracted from her and on January 11 2016, with Winters failing to have filed any papers to the Court, the case went against him and he was ordered to pay Miss L damages and full costs. Since the ShareProphets fighting fund as been bankrolling the oxy legals we were delighted.

Sadly Winters appealed claiming that he had filed documents. That appeal was heard today and guess what? The judge did not believe a word that Winters said. Or rather he ignored all the arguments put forward in Court by some Russian bird who turns out to be Darren's other half. How odd it is that a man who claims to be a multimillionaire share trader cannot afford a lawyer.

And so now further costs have been awarded against Winters' company. I almost hope he does not pay within 14 days as we can then get court permission to send baliffs to the offices of Wealth Training to seize its computers, chairs etc and put them out of action for a while. Wealth Training asked the judge in court for permission to appeal on this appeal and the Judge told the charlatans to fuck off. The judge simply did not a believe a word of the Winters case. And why should he?

Of course Winters also threatened me with libel for calling him a charlatan and a snake oil salesman. Which of course he is. I told him that I was not withdrawing a word and could prove every word I had written and that the foxies and myself really wanted to see the Wealth Training LLP bitchez in court. Oddly Winters has not followed up on that threat to sue me for libel. Go on Darren man up you pussy! The Foxy legals are now 2 nil up against you and we are looking for a hat-trick.

Now dear readers, I am aware that Winters is in court soon against Mr X and I have given that Court in the grim North dates when I can appear as an expert witness. So committed am I to nailing Winters that I am prepared to get the necessary jabs and head through passport control at Coventry into the frozen post industrial wastelands to fight this fight. But I know that Winters is threatening others with Court action to reclaim monies that he does not deserve to get. Some such folk have been in touch.

But others may be ignorant of this website and may not know that one can fight Winters and win. So please send out links to this article on twitter, LinkedIn and facebook.
Post links on any trading or investment forums. Email this article to all you know and ask them to pass it on.

Winters needs to be put out of business for good. Today is a start but Wealth Training is wounded but not destroyed. Please help spread the word so that we can destroy it once and for all in 2016.

If you are being threatened by Darren Winters or Wealth Training LLP please contact Tom Winnifrith, the Sheriff of AIM at [email protected]

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  1. Excellent work Tom!

  2. Excellent news! Big respect to you for standing up to people such as Winters, there are so many of them and so few people with the time and knowledge to expose their true nature.

  3. Doing a good job Tom. If you “Google” Darren Winters, your article comes top!

    Just awful what he is doing, how much does the course work out at per hour excluding his “materials”? Don’t foget “Win Investing” and “Win Investing Reviews” in your articles. See if you can get a full house in the results.

    Its a good job we don’t all act like this, imagine if we all went around clicking his expensive ads and using up his budget for “Win Investing” and other keywords?!

  4. John Rimmer

    That’s twice this month you’ve shown that you aren’t impotent !

  5. This is great work Tom I didn’t know Winters would stoop to such lows

  6. J P Spaghetti

    Wonderful – simply wonderful! Really put a smile on my face. And “Or rather he ignored all the arguments put forward in Court by some Russian bird who turns out to be Darren’s other half.” was the icing on the cake. Especially as she was Russian (no offence to Vlads and Vladesses per se – just seems so nouveau corny!). Outcomes such as this really do inject streroidal buoyancy into the good ship Shareprophets, with Tom at the helm, as she sails the sea of serpents who would seek and strive to sink her. I say this as one who hails originally from the grim north. Very grim, in fact, for I have known the taste of lard. But – bloody hell – it has perked me up!

    Now may just be the start of the winter :-)* of his discontent if more of the duped and fleeced come forward…

    *if you type a full stop then “I” and another full stop it looks like a willy: .I.

  7. I see the wealth training company has started a new business line

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